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10 inspiring female investors in 2023

Opdateret: 23. jun. 2023

I want to help entrepreneurs succeed on their mission to solve the problems we face in our world. Unfortunately only very little capital is allocated to female entrepreneurs - one of the reasons being that there are few female investors. Therefore it was easy for me to say yes to be one of the jury members who selected 10 awesome female investors that can inspire other women to become investors.

A big congrats to the top 10 inspiring FEMALE INVESTORS IN 2023 🏆 💰

And thanks to Kristine Leerbeck and Angella Invest and Sine Linderstrøm and The Confederation of Danish Industry for shedding light on this important topic and raising awareness which is crucial for driving change and creating a more diverse investment landscape.

Today, 9/10 angel investors are men, who invest 82% in male entrepreneurs and only 6% in female entrepreneurs. At the same time, there are many barriers for women to get started as new investors. It is an investor image that we need to do away with!

Download the publication 👉

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