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Follow me on LinkedIn for latest updates. Here you'll find a few updates from the recent months. As a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, I actively contribute to the Danish start-up ecosystem, aiming to inspire and support the visionary founders of tomorrow. I am a member of the evaluation committee of The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship since 2014 and a member of the Danish Innovation Fund's Innofounder expert panel. I am also a jury member of the Danish Digital Start-up award. 


We have an untapped potential to get more female founders - only 1 out 4 companies in Denmark are founded by women. And sadly, only a very small percentage of the investment capital goes to female entrepreneurs, so looking at it from an investor perspective there are some interesting investment opportunities to explore ! Therefore I am a proud ambassador for Angella Invest on a mission to increase the number of female investors in start-up companies.



Vi elsker Startups

Jeg har fået lov at være gæstevært i en ny podcast-serie om digitalt iværksætteri:
'Vi elsker Startups'

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